June 22, 2011

Enabling Ubuntu 11.04 DVD Playback

Ubuntu 11.04 DVD Playback is Not Enabled Automatically,Setting it Up just Take a Short Time. 

If you’d prefer to spend the Fluendo costs on physical DVDs rather than DVDa software, you can enable DVD playback in your faovurite application by installing a package called ‘libdvdcss’.
‘libdvdcss’ is a small library file that accesses DVDs “…like a block device, without having to bother about the decryption.”
Hit the buttons below to download a .DEB package of libdvdcss from the medibunturepositories.
Once the .deb file has downloaded just double-click on it to begin installation.
After installation has finished you can open your favourite media player and DVD playback will be supported.

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